Summer Spark

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Summer Spark is a place for children to have fun and enjoy summertime while developing essential life skills that are often missing in the typical school day.  A weekly challenge gives campers the opportunity to apply their creativity as they explore and create with their hands.  Whether designing a complex machine to execute a chain of reactions, weaving a rug for their bedroom out of old tee-shirts, or crafting a parachute to protect an egg from a 10 foot drop, campers will collaborate with peers and develop problem solving skills as they work towards their vision.

An essential part of Summer Spark is its supportive community which is carefully cultivated each week through guided indoor and outdoor activities, as well as plenty of time for socializing and play.  As a natural part of the design and creation process, each camper will encounter setbacks, and this supportive community will help them embrace these setbacks as learning opportunities.  A healthy relationship with failure is an important indicator of success in life, though the opposite is often fostered at a young age.

Summer Spark offers the fun, relaxed atmosphere of camp that encourages new friendships and leaves campers smiling at the end of each day.  But they leave with more than great memories.  They leave having developed new skills and a new sense of their own capabilities which leads to authentic confidence.  This small internal change can have a great impact as it influences the way they respond to the next challenge presented to them, setting them on an upward spiral with no limits.

Camp begins July 7th and goes through August 15th.  Each session lasts one week, Monday-Friday, 8:45am-3:15pm.  The first three weeks are geared towards upper elementary-aged children (entering 4th-6th) and the second three weeks are geared towards lower elementary-aged children (entering 1st-3rd).  Visit to learn more about the Summer Spark experience and reserve a spot for your child. Make sure to visit Summer Spark's Camp Sloop page for more information and registration details. 

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