Monday, May 19, 2014
IQuest Global Enrichment Center has just about everything you can imagine. Summer is a time to explore and experiment. Whether your child is a creative, entrepreneur, innovator, artist, or problem-solver, or they wish to become a future television star, sports broadcaster, programmer, fashion designer, cultural attache, or improv guru, all will have a fun, rewarding, and rich experience at IQuest. Explore a new interest, improve an existing talent, or let your imagination and creativity explode.

IQuest strives to offer fun classes across a wide variety of topics (50+ offerings this summer) so those returning for multiple weeks can choose something different each time, but also because each child is different and families should have the option to foster and individualize the interests of each child without having to drive all over town. They even added an altered book camp for adults this year!

They incorporate 21st century skills into each and every camp, so check out the 21st century skills grid on the IQuest website. Creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and independent thinking are all qualities celebrated by our talented mentors. Check out instructor bios on their website. IQuest staff has a wide range of interests and varying backgrounds, but the one thing they all have in common is a love of learning.

Camps are available for PreK through 18 and class sizes are small (max of 6 to 8 adventurers). Half day, and full day camps are available. For those students who attend full day, there is a one hour lunch break. Fear not, the aptly named "Ball of Torture" will return as part of our end of lunch challenge. It was quite fun to watch the innovative thinking that went in to unwrapping it!

IQuest is located on RR 620 at Quinlan Crossing in the Randalls shopping center. For additional information please visit I-Quest's Camp Sloop page or

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