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Say goodbye to confusion, frustration and stress. Say hello to Camp Sloop, the simple, smart and fun way to pick the right summer camp.

Who was Sloop?What camp you choose for your child matters. Of course it matters.

But, maybe you've experienced something like we have. Finding the right camp was like trying to juggle ice cream cones while climbing a tree. Should it be this hard? We don't think so!

That's exactly why we're here to help. We wanted to create something different. Something that would change the way parents and children search for camps, and the way camps connect with families.

Our goal: to level the playing field and give you all the help you need to search and compare what's out there.

And, we've given our help a nickname: Sloop, our trusty mascot. Think of Sloop as your guide, a way to engage your children in the process of searching for the right camp and ultimately, a way to bring the whole family together.

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